Church News – C. Theofanous: H Inspiration is not something we own, but we are given – I believe in the church I believe deeply in God

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Εντυπωσιακά σχόλια και εξαιρετικές κριτικές αποσπά το ορατόριο του Γιώργου Θεοφάνους με τίτλο “Virgin – η Μητέρα του φωτός”. This is a great show that was presented in February at the Athens Concert Hall and a few days ago in Cyprus…….

Speaking to Nikos Giotis about the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency, the popular composer-lyricist points out that the oratorio is based on texts and poems of Mount Athos monks, but also of our famous poets, of Cavafy, of Seferis and others. "This is a very big undertaking, a large production in which they participate on stage 250 people with a large symphony orchestra. The show will be presented in February 2020 at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and then he will go around the world. Performances are already scheduled for St. Petersburg and the United States. ".

Asked how the expenses are covered, since admission for spectators is free, says the costs are covered by sponsorships from sensitized people.

Referring to 30 years that mediocre in the artistic firm states that all these years he feels that… he plays with the gifts God gives him! "Having this gift, because inspiration is not ours but it is given to us - and I say this because I am a person who believes in the church I believe deeply in God, without being religious- δεν έχω την αγωνία αν αύριο που θα ξυπνήσω θα μπορώ να γράψω τραγούδι σαν τοΔικό μου δρόμο”, or him “Παλιόκαιρο”… Of course I write something every day, can a word, can a phrase, a whole song can come out because I want a machine that has its oils so it never stops. "After all, our job is a daily struggle", notes.

George Theofanous considers himself a lucky man because, as he points out, in his thirty-year artistic career, caught up and collaborated with singers of the previous generation, such as Mouskouri, Dalaras, Mitsias, Parios, Alexiou, Glykeria, but also the good ones as he says of his generation as well as the next one, such as Remus, Theodoridou, Zina, Rouvas, Argyros, Paola and others.

As for one perhaps unknown to some of his activities, writing children's books, σημειώνει πως ήδη κυκλοφορεί από τις εκδόσειςΜένανδροςμία σειρά που λέγεταιΠαραμυθολογίακαι πρόκειται για ένα συνδυασμό του μύθου και της ιστορίας. "I am inspired to write children's books by my four children".

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